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Axl T. Ernst

For Anyone Interested in the Journey

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I am a young artist who enjoys the simple pleasures drawing and painting. I enjoy experimenting with mixed media applications which often involve the use of non-traditional art materials, and try to expand my artistic knowledge base by exploring colour relationships and the interpretive value of mark making. Originally from Nova Scotia, I now find myself living in downtown London, Ontario Canada which, when you've spent your life on the coast, seams to become its own experiment.

This blog is a record of the work I've been doing since my move here in August, 2005. It contains everything from sketches and studies of this environment, to my attempts to develop an original, creative body of work, to my daily struggles of finding out who I really am as an artist, and how to break out into the art world.

Artist Statement

Right now I am extremely lucky to be one of the resident artists at The ARTS Project, in downtown London, Ontario. I'm located at 203 1/2 Dundas Street, upstairs in Studio 6. I'm still in the process of setting up my space officially, but in September it will be a great people to meet with fellow artists, friends, and people who are interested in viewing my work. Drop by and say hello!

Art For Sale

All work may be available for purchase. While I am usually working on putting together work for shows, many of my pieces - particularly postcards and figure drawings - are available.

Postcards are priced anywhere from $15+ depending on the complexity of the image and painting process.

Figure drawings start at $10+ depending on how large, and how many figures are on a page. Many figure drawings are also available on Ebay (keyword axl, or search my seller's name axlsart) and my Etsy store.

Buyer will also be charged for shipping and handeling (this also includes possible packaging fees), depending on their location.

Please comment or email me at axl_happy_goth(AT)hotmail.com about work you are interested in purchasing, and I will let you know the details.

Found Art

Here because of Found Art?

Nice to meet you!

Please feel free to leave me an anonymous comment about which art you found, where you found it, and what you thought about it!

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Date Created:2005-10-16

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Axl is an up-and-coming artist currently living in London, Ontario. She likes to paint, draw, and work in experimental media. Axl enjoys also looking at art, and discussing techniques with other artists. She has one Familiar, by the name of Kaity, who likes to help out occassionally, and be annoying at every other oppertunity.
Strengths: Pink hair. Ambiguous. Friendly, cheerful, enjoys conversation and meeting new people. Has a strong artist sense, and good imagination. Finds power in all her eccentricities.
Weaknesses: Nintendo and cheesecake. Is indecisive; occasionally bitchy and grumpy. Pessimistic. Can be a little naive and hard headed. Some may find Axl a bit too odd for comfort.
Special Skills: Artistic abilities. Sence of humor. Being mistaken for a guy. The ability to cook more than Kraft Dinner. Talking to the people in her head.
Weapons: The ability to confuse in one sentance. Sharp claws and teeth for tearing and slashing. The ability to morph into nothingness. Kaity is equiped with sharp claws and teeth, as well as the power of cuddles and sneezy-fur.
Motto: I'll try anything once. And provided it doesn't kill me I might just try it again.

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I'm an active member of WetCanvas! Cyber Living for Artists, a great online community with thousands of artists. My username is Axl and you can find me hopping around the forums, helping out, or in our chatroom, the Cafe Guerbois.